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Latest Activity & Updates

Welcome to the new ECAS Faculty Governance website!

Dr. Karida Brown to Give Emory College Distinguished Faculty Lecture for 2024

We are excited to announce that Dr. Karida Brown will be giving Emory College's Distinguished Faculty Lecture this year. She has received this year's NAACP Image Award in nonfiction for her anthology, "The New Brownies' Book: A love letter to Black Families." Her lecture will be from her forthcoming book The Battle for the Black Mind.  The lecture will be incorporated as part of our final meeting of the academic year on April 17. 

ECAS Statement of Principles Motion

ECAS Senate passed a motion of Statement of Principles at Feb. 14, 2024 meeting.

Senate Meetings Published for 2023-2024 Academic Year

The calendar for this academic year has been published. The first senate meeting will be held on August 30, 2023. Check out the upcoming meetings page.

First Senate Meeting on Aug 31, 2022

The first Senate meeting will be held on Aug. 31, 2022 in the Jones Room. Please check out our calendar for more information.

College Faculty Meeting, Cont. - October 27, 4 PM

Due to time constraints on October 6, there will be an additional meeting of the Emory College Faculty on October 27, 2021 at 4 PM in the Jones Room and via Zoom (email for link). 

At this meeting, we will continue discussing the final report and proposal to revise the General Education Requirements. Sections 1 - 3 have already been approved and/or slightly amended, so we will pick up discussion on sections 4 - 6 and discuss the motions that were submitted ahead of time. 

Additional motions for amendments to sections 4 - 6 must be submitted through this form by Monday, October 25 at 5 PM. 

College Faculty Meeting - October 6, 4 PM

All College faculty members are welcome to attend the upcoming College Faculty Meeting on October 6, 2021 at 4 PM in PAIS 290 and via Zoom. 

On the agenda are discussions of two upcoming electronic votes of the College faculty. 1) Amend the charge and composition of the Grievance Committee and 2) Revise the General Education Requirements. 

Note that faculty can only vote at faculty meetings if a quorum is present, which is 25% of College faculty not on leave. 

Senate Newsletter September 2021

Greetings from the ECAS Faculty Senate President

Dear colleagues,

Serving this year as your College’s Faculty Senate President, I want to welcome you back to campus. I look forward working with all of you, and especially the colleagues who serve as senators. I want to briefly share with you what is in store during the fall semester. Now in its seventh year, the College Senates embarks on a crucial semester ahead of us, facing two major issues:

• Along with Dean Elliott and his team we will continue to address the volatile situation in regard to the ongoing pandemic which demands our physical and emotional energy, as well as our pedagogical attention.

• We will discuss and vote on the proposal for revising the General Education Requirements (GER) as presented by the working group in their May report. You can find this report on our newly designed website or by clicking here.

In addition to these two foci, the Faculty Senate will address topics that are of concern to many of you, and might be answered by the ongoing work of one of the ten standing committees. Last but not least, over the course of the year we will invite our new university leaders to Senate meetings.

With best wishes for a healthy, safe, and convivial semester, Peter HöHoeyng, Professor of German studies.


Re-commitment to Actions on Race and Diversity

In Summer 2020, the Senate issued a statement that, as faculty, we exist in this job to be educators, mentors, advocates, and allies to our students. Ensuring justice in how we treat our students is fundamental to this mission and inseparable from our responsibilities as faculty members The ECAS faculty are firmly committed to creating and maintaining a diverse and welcoming learning community for faculty, students, and staff. 

A working group on anti-racism was briskly assembled to investigate and offer deliberate actions the Emory College faculty might pursue. 

In Fall 2020, the ECAS Faculty Senate voted to establish a Standing Committee on Anti-Racism and Social Justice based on the working group's recommendations, and we are excited for this new, permanent committee to begin work in Fall 2021.

Questions / Concerns

Peter Hoeyng
President, College Senate

ECAS Faculty Senate Newsletters

Elena PesaventoIncluded are the results of faculty votes on the General Education Requirements, including the addition of a Race and Ethnicity GER, and the Senate's covid-19 response.
Spring 2019Karen HegtvedtIncluded are note-worthy actions taken by the Senate in Spring 2019 such as completing the Senate Review process, creating a new standing committee of the Senate (with faculty vote), and approving a Faculty Responsibilities document.
Spring 2018Kim WallenIn Spring 2018, the Senate voted on the continuation of the Undergraduate Curriculum Working Group, provided feedback on the initial report of the Task Force on Demand 13 (diversity GER), discussed the Common Read program, and discussed the work on Demand 4 (faculty evaluations), among other things.
Fall 2018Kim WallenThe ECAS Faculty Senate had a busy fall. Included are note-worthy actions taken and motions passed by the Senate in Fall 2017.
Spring 2017Chris BeckIncluded is a list of important Senate discussions in Spring 2017, such as with DACA students and Board of Trustees Chair, as well as a list of potential issues to cover next year.
Fall 2016Chris BeckThe ECAS Faculty Senate had a busy fall. Below are note-worthy actions taken and motions passed by the Senate in Fall 2016.
Spring 2016Clifton CraisThe ECAS Faculty Senate met six times during the Spring semester. Here are a few of our accomplishments.
Fall 2016Clifton CraisThe newly inaugurated ECAS Faculty Senate had a busy fall. In August we adopted a set of bylaws, and have had many accomplishments since.