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Executive Council


The College Senate shall have an Executive Council consisting of the President, the President-elect, the immediate past-President, and one senator from each division and one senator at large elected by and from the members of the College Senate.


The President, in consultation with the Executive Council, shall be responsible for setting the agenda of the College Senate and College Faculty meetings.

May consider matters referred from the College Senate involving legal or statutorily protected information in closed session.


The immediate past president shall serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the executive committee for one year following their term as President unless re-elected to the College Senate.


If the immediate past president is ineligible or unable to serve for any reason including being reelected to the College Senate that slot on the Executive Council shall remain vacant for that term.

Closed Sessions

Meetings of the Executive Council shall be open to faculty and administration unless the Executive Council votes by two-thirds vote to go into closed session to consider legal or statutorily protected information.

Any person whom the Executive Council may determine to be necessary to its deliberations may be allowed to participate in the council’s closed session meeting for that purpose.

The Executive Council shall report to the College Senate exclusive of any confidential findings or actions.

Executive Council Members