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Senate Review

The goal of the Senate Review Working Group is set forth in Article VI of the Bylaws of the Emory College of Arts and Sciences (ECAS), which established the Senate as the elected and representative body of the Emory College faculty.

Section 13, of Article VI states: "After a period of three (3) years following its first meeting, the College Senate will review the senate, including its composition and functioning, and will report its findings and recommendations to the faculty by the end of the first semester of the fourth (4th) year."

In spring 2018, Motion 44-2018 was approved by the College Senate regarding the procedures of the review and the groundwork for the faculty electronic vote on whether to accept:

  1. ECAS Faculty Senate report and
  2. President's motion whether the College Senate should continue in its present form or be revised.

The Senate Review Working Group will assess the Senate by examining its impact to date and seeking faculty members' views and evaluations of Senate functioning.


Co-chairs: Karent HegtvedtKim Wallen

Angela PorcarelliFrench and ItalianHumanities
Leslie TaylorTheater StudiesHumanities
Vicki PowersMathematicsNatural Sciences and Math
Rachelle SpellBiologyNatural Sciences and Math
Kim WallenPsychologyNatural Sciences and Math
Alan AbramowitzPolitical ScienceSocial Sciences
Irene BrowneSociologySocial Sciences
Karent HegtvedtSociologySocial Sciences