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Pre-Major Advising

The Pre-Major Advising Working Group will examine the current process of pre-major advising of students at Emory College of Arts and Sciences (ECAS) and consider the possibility of an alternative.

Currently, pre-major advising involves all faculty members. The alternatives may involve a different role for faculty or use of a smaller subset of faculty.

The working group will make recommendations on how to advise first and second year students effectively and efficiently to ensure that they are sufficiently informed and guided.


Chair: Tim Dowd

Michelle GordonAfrican American StudiesHumanities
Deborah WhiteEnglishHumanities
Engene AgichteinMathematicsNatural Sciences and Math
Tracy McGillChemistryNatural Sciences and Math
Barbara StrockPsychologySocial Sciences
Dan DillardAssistant Dean, Academic Advising, OUEOther
Tim DowdSociologyOther
Shari ObrentzAssociate Dean, OUEOther