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This committee shall investigate and hear grievances brought by members of the Emory College Faculty.

A "grievance" is any complaint of a faculty member relating to the employment relationship with Emory College including, but not limited to, improper administration or application of policies, unfair or unequal treatment, and working conditions.

The complainant is entitled to a faculty advocate and written and/or in person submission.

The committee makes recommendations to the Dean or the appropriate administrator and responds to the complainant.

Faculty Representatives

NameDepartmentTerm Expiration
Stephen CristMusic2025
Juliette ApkarianRussian and East Asian Languages and Cultures 2024
Niall SlaterClassics2023
Natural Sciences and Math
James NagyMathematics2025
Jen HeemstraChemistry2024
Vicki PowersMathematics2023
Social Sciences
Karen HegtvedtSociology2025
Robyn FivushInstitute for the Liberal Arts2024
Tom RogersHistory2023