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College Senate

The College Senate of Emory University’s College of Arts and Sciences is the elected and representative body of the Emory College faculty.

It may consider, take positions, and vote on any matter of interest to Emory College faculty, including those having to do with the role of the College within the University.

Senate and Faculty Meeting Schedule, 2021-22

Faculty Representatives

President: Peter Hoeyng

NameDepartmentTerm Expiration
Tanine AllisonFilm and Media2024
Sara CulpepperTheater Studies2024
Deepika BahriEnglish2023
Donald TutenSpanish and Portuguese2023
Sara McClintockReligion2022
Joonna TrappEnglish2022
Natural Sciences and Math
Gillian HueNeuroscience and Behavioral Biology2024
David Zureick-BrownMathematics2024
Bree EttingerMathematics2023
Kate O'TooleBiology2023
Huw DaviesChemistry2022
Jennifer HeemstraChemistry2022
Social Sciences
Brendan MontagnesPolitical Science2024
Bin XuSociology2024
David Davis IIIPolitical Science2023
Phillip WolffPsychology2023
Cliff CarrubbaPolitical Science2022
Elizabeth KimPsychology2022
Antonio Brathwaite Chemistry2024
Daniel ReynoldsFilm and Media2024
Juliette ApkarianRussian and East Asian Languages and Cultures2023
Mark RisjordInstitute for the Liberal Arts2023
Peter HoeyngGerman Studies2022
Astrid PrinzBiology2022


Rachelle SpellFaculty Council of the University Senate
Kate YeagerExecutive Council of the Laney Graduate School
Joanne BrzinskiSenior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Marjorie PakCo-Chair, Curriculum, Assessment and Educational Policy Committee
Hubert TworzeckiCo-Chair, Curriculum, Assessment and Educational Policy Committee
Michael ElliottDean, Emory College of Arts and Sciences
John LattingDean of Admission