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Anti-Racism and Social Justice

This committee is focused on actions that can be taken by faculty, be it individually, in departments, and through the ECAS Faculty Senate, to create policies and culture that combat systemic racism on our campus and ensure full participation for all students, staff, and faculty in the educational, research, and service activities of the College.
  1. The committee shall:
    • Maintain open communication with undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and faculty by providing means to report challenges they face or observe in the College that prevent full participation.
    • Generate recommendations for actions that can be taken by faculty at the individual, department/program, and College level to counter these challenges and promote social justice.
    • Work with College leadership and other University Offices and programs (e.g. University Senate, Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Campus Life, Center for Faculty Development and Excellence) to cultivate resources, programming, and policies to support implementation of the recommendations.
    • Collect data to track progress toward overcoming identified challenges and analyze data to identify effective recommendations and implementation strategies.
    • Disseminate data regarding challenges and progress to stakeholders including undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty, alumni, and the broader community.
  2. Committee members shall demonstrate a dedication to their own self-education and growth in the areas of anti-racism and social justice.
  3. The committee serves as a resource for all faculty, including the members of department and College leadership teams with regard to the development of goals and plans to combat racism and promote social justice at Emory.

Faculty Representatives

Chair: Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec

NameDepartmentTerm Expiration
Chen Wang Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures2026
David Barba Film and Media2025
Natural Sciences and Math
Gonzalo Vazquez ProkopecEnvironmental Sciences2025
Leah RoeschNeuroscience and Behavioral Biology2024
Social Sciences
Alyasah SewellSociology2026
Jessica BarberPsychology2024


Ed Lee, IIISenior Director of Faculty Inclusivity