Nearing Graduation

Graduation forms are available by PDF in the Forms section or by clicking on the links below. Please contact Emily Morran with any questions (; 727-2546). The forms contain information on how to prepare your dissertation and the dates that the forms are due for a particular semester. Please keep in mind the following:

  1. You must have applied for candidacy the semester before you graduate at the latest. You must also be registered in the semester in which you wish to receive the degree. Graduate residence does satisfy that requirement. Contact your DGS or Emily Morran in the Division Office for additional explanations.
  2. You make a formal application for degree to be awarded in a particular semester (spring, summer, or fall). The deadline usually falls at the beginning of the semester. If it is missed, a $25 application fee applies. If you do not complete all the degree requirements that semester, you must apply again and register for the semester in which you anticipate you will receive the degree.
  3. You must turn in a Degree Clearance Form (Completion of Requirements Report) that certifies you have completed all requirements for the degree. It must be submitted before or with the dissertation. It requires signatures from at least three GDBBS faculty members who sit on the thesis committee.  An explanation must be provided for any dissertation committee members who do not sign the form (see GDBBS Handbook under Thesis Committees for details).
  4. All theses and dissertations are submitted online. The Graduate School site has instructions. You still must submit one paper copy to the Graduate School for the Dean to review (the signature page must be included). Complete information on degree completion requirements can be found on the Graduate School website.

All forms should be signed by the GDBBS Director before going over to the Graduate School.

University Academic Calendar:

Laney Graduate School Calendar:

Exit Interviews - The office of Institutional Research will send graduating students an email with an ID number to access the Exit Survey for students graduating in the GDBBS.  Your responses are confidential so please be honest about your experiences and convey your thoughts about your Program, the GDBBS, and the services offered by the university. The GDBBS Director also requests that graduating students meet with him face to face for a frank discussion of your Graduate School experience.  This meeting is also confidential.