Student Guidelines to Forms for Documenting Progress
This table provides guidance to students regarding various forms they will need to submit during their time in graduate school. Students should follow the table and consult with their PA and DGS when they have questions or concerns.

The following is a list of useful forms for students.  Please be careful to submit the form to the appropriate person (whose name is listed below).

Description of Candidate’s Contributions to Program Goals for F31 NRSA Applications (Kathy Smith)

Candidate Eligibility Statement for Research Supplements (Kathy Smith)

GDBBS Advisor-Advisee Agreement Form (DocuSign) (Program Adminstrator) *Sample Copy - Do Not Use

GDBBS Teaching Assistant Request Form

Academic Plan and Exploratory Rotation Agreement for Changing Advisors (Emily Neutens)

Application for Candidacy (LGS Online Form System)

LGS Dissertation Committe Form (LGS Online Form System)

Degree Completion Forms (Emily Neutens)

Defense Flyer Template - update items in red (Program Administrator)

Defense Program Template - update items in red (Program Administrator)

Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) Repository (LGS Online Form System)

Wellness and Support Resources

Wellness and Support Resources
This table provides an overview of services and resources available to Emory students to promote health and wellness.

Emory University's Academic Support Resources

The Emory University's Academic Support Resources is designed to help students, faculty members, and staff identify supportive resources to assist students with their academics.