The Laney Graduate School and the GDBBS require each student to serve as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for at least one semester during their graduate career, usually during the second year.  The primary purpose of the teaching experience is to aid students in strengthening organization and communication skills.  Prior to beginning the teaching experience, students participate in the Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity (TATTO). Every student in the Laney Graduate School pursuing the Ph.D. degree at Emory must complete TATTO as one component of the academic requirements. If you have had substantial teaching experience you may opt to have the requirement waived. See the TATTO coordinator (Emily Morran) for further details on how to document your experience.

Teaching opportunities for GDBBS students vary by the type of course, amount of responsibility, and time commitment associated with the teaching assignment.  Teaching experiences range from overseeing one component of a laboratory course meeting once each week to co-teaching an undergraduate class with one or two professors.  Students are encouraged to state a preference for the type of course they would like to TA.  Students should consider their time commitments during the semester they will be teaching as well as their professional goals when choosing which courses to TA.      

For students wishing to gain more pedagogical experience, additional teaching opportunities are available beyond the one-semester requirement, some of which may provide additional academic credit or a small additional stipend.