Area contact person for 25Live room reservations. If the area is not on this list that means the room is not being scheduled in 25Live.
Campus Life Vans : Adrienne Little-Dunson
Chemistry Department rooms : Jan McSherry
Candler School of Theology: Alice Tarkington
Cannon Chapel: Sara McKlin
Emory College rooms: Bryan Falgout
Emory Clinic Facilities: Clinic A, Clinic B, and Decatur Plaza conference rooms Pam Bone
Emory Clinic Facilities: Decatur Plaza training rooms Courtnie Easton
Emory Continuing Education: Garet Green
Emory Healthcare locations: Emory Hospital, Mid-town Hospital Marie Johnston
Emory University Housing : Elijah Ajay
Goizueta Business School: Emily Lawrence
Math & Science Center - E300 Planetarium : Dr. Erin Bonning
Miller-Ward Alumni House : Viktoriya Seredyuk
Meeting Services: Janell Goodwin-Farley and Sharon Myers
Oxford College: Danielle Dockery
Phone Bridges: Sharon Gregory
Physics Department Rooms: Calvin Jackson
Music Department: Kathy Summers
Saac - Clairmont Campus: Walter Kolis
Saint Joseph's Hospital: Benjamin Elliott
School of Law: Amy Marcellana
School of Medicine: 3rd floor Executive Conference rooms: Shikina Harrison
School of Medicine: General spaces: Shikina Harrison
School of Medicine - Grady Campus: Shira Malka Asherman
School of Nursing:
School of Public Health: Erin Cahill
Winship Cancer Institute: Dylan Verge
WHSC Library: Pamela Pope
WHSCAB Auditorium and Plaza: William Payne
WPEC Center: Michael Hyde