Thinking + Acting


It is time to plan for Emory’s next cycle of strategy setting, called Thinking + Acting Strategically. In order for this effort to succeed, your input is extremely important.

The process will build on collaboration and regular updates on next steps and accomplishments. Key milestones to be accomplished over the course of the next academic year (2016 - 2017) include:

  • An inclusive and transparent process for setting future strategic priorities in support of Emory's mission.
  • The development of an initial draft of Emory's strategic initiatives for the next five years, including information on defining and measuring success. This draft will be distributed for your feedback and revised accordingly.
  • The planning and implementation of select strategic initiatives.

We will collect and analyze many distinct sources of information to help us craft the new strategic plan. These will include:

  • A peer analysis of the strategic plans of Emory’s peer institutions
  • A landscape assessment of important trends in higher education that affect Emory’s future
  • Town halls, surveys, and other means of soliciting opinions from the Emory community
  • An assessment of Emory’s capabilities that can be leveraged for high-impact strategic initiatives

The process begins with an initial two-question survey, described in more detail below. We encourage everyone to send your thoughts and ideas.

We look forward to next steps as we work together on this critical process to guide Emory's future.

Claire E. Sterk

Provost and Executive Vice President

Michael A. Sacks

Vice Provost for University Strategies
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Listening to our Community

Strategic Plan Community Reflections

Thank you for taking time to provide feedback on Emory’s next stage of strategic planning, Thinking + Acting Strategically.

Included are two open-ended questions about which we need your ideas and views. Since June 2015, we have been compiling and analyzing all stakeholder responses in order to identify major themes. We have also posted the received responses to the website which is open to all members of the Emory community.

Emory Community Feedback

The Strategic Priorities and Engagement survey distributed to the Emory community serves as a first step for "Thinking + Acting Strategically," the university's next cycle of strategic planning. We appreciate the time that community members took to complete the survey, and we've posted the comments at the links below to foster collaboration on this important process.

The survey invited feedback on these 2 questions and is still available for additional input:

What university-level strategic priorities should be Emory's focus for the next five years?
See answers to question 1: Strategic Priorities

How would you like us to engage or not engage you in this strategic planning process?
See answers to question 2: Engagement

Please contact us with any questions or additional comments.

Office of the Provost