Emory University Network ID and Initial Password

This page is only for Emory University students and student applicants.

If you are not an Emory University student or student applicant, click here to go to the Emory Network ID and Initial Password page.

Use this form to obtain your Emory Network ID and your initial password if you are a current student or a student applicant.

  • You should change your password as soon as possible after obtaining this initial password, unless you are an applicant.
  • Admitted applicants cannot change their passwords until they pay their admissions deposit to Emory University.

Birthday / / (Example: 10/21/1980)
Social Security Number  -   -  If you do not have a social security number, leave this blank.
Home Email Address The email address you listed on your Emory University application (Example: johndoe@aol.com)