2010-2015 Emory College Strategic Plan

Emory College aspires to be a national model for combining the personal engagement and excellent teaching of a traditional liberal arts college with the ground-breaking scholarship and resources of a major research university. To advance our vision of an even greater Emory, the Dean of the College has commissioned the College Re-visioning Committee (CRC) to prepare a new strategic plan for approval in 2010. The committee, which consists of representatives from all divisions of the Arts and Sciences, has met regularly to reflect on the goals of the College. In addition, the committee has facilitated extensive discussions with the College faculty in both informal sessions and organized groups. As these ideas continue to develop and expand, the committee has outlined the following goals for the future of the College. Emory College will:

  • design and deliver a liberal arts education to face the challenges of the 21st century that will address technology in new ways, explore problems and issues within a disciplinary approach while drawing insights from interdisciplinary perspectives, integrate learning across subjects and throughout the college career, and foster connections with global society through research and student experiences;
  • build on existing and emerging areas of interdisciplinary strength that will support and foster greater interdisciplinary collaboration, research, curriculum and pedagogy;
  • create a culture of research across all academic disciplines that increases external research funding and that enhances Emory’s reputation as a center of scholarly research in the U.S., bringing additional national attention to our outstanding scholars and departments and to the University; and
  • promote creative interaction and cooperation among College departments and units, across other schools within the University, and with regional agencies, including other educational institutions in the Atlanta area.

As we continue the process of strategic planning, we invite members of the Emory community to look at the results of our recent self-assessments:

We wish to thank the members of the College Revisioning Committee for their efforts on this major project. They include: Patricia Bauer, Keith Berland, Joanne Brizinski, Huw Davies, Micheal Giles, Leslie Harris, Rosemary Hynes, Cristine Levenduski, Kim Loudermilk, Laura Papotto, Sally Radell, Richard Rubinson, Claire Sterk, Karen Stolley, John Stuhr, and Vaidy Sunderam. The committee members continue to give generously of their time, their intellect, and their creativity as they envision a plan that will guide the College in the years to come.