Bylaws Description

The Nominations Committee is charged with the responsibility of preparing a slate of candidates for all positions filled by election of the faculty of Emory College in which vacancies will exist for part or all of the coming academic year. These include, but are not limited to: members of the College Senate, members of the standing committees, and representatives to the University Senate. The Nominations Committee shall also nominate six faculty members to serve as faculty representatives on the Student Conduct Council.

Faculty Representatives

Chair :

  • Eisen, Arri
NameDepartmentTerm ExpirationDivision
Meighoo, SeanComparative Literature2019Humanities
Paulsen, LisaTheater Studies2018Humanities
Lynn, DavidChemistry2018Natural Sciences and Math
Eisen, ArriBiology2019Natural Sciences and Math
Phillips, KristinAnthropology2019Social Sciences
Strocchia, SharonHistory2020Social Sciences

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