Education Abroad

Bylaws Description

This committee shall study and recommend to the faculty policies and standards for the creation, deletion and periodic review of College-sponsored programs abroad and their integration into the curriculum of the College.

  1. The committee shall:
    1. advise CIPA on academic policies concerning study abroad and scholarships for study abroad.
    2. give final approval to the creation, change, or deletion of College academic programs abroad
    3. approve policies for the transfer of credit for courses completed abroad that are not equivalent to courses taught on campus, and
    4. approve the addition, change, or deletion, of courses exclusively offered abroad.
  2. This committee gives final approval to requests/appeals to existing Study Abroad policies.

Faculty Representatives

Chair :

  • de Roode, Jacobus
NameDepartmentTerm ExpirationDivision
Buchholz, PaulGerman Studies2021Humanities
Slater, NiallClassics2020Humanities
Schweig, MeredithMusic2019Humanities
Gillespie, ThomasEnvironmental Science2020Natural Sciences and Math
de Roode, JacobusBiology2019Natural Sciences and Math
Hue, GillianNBB2021Natural Sciences and Math
Freeman, AmandaHuman Health2020Social Sciences
Davis, DavidPolitical Science2019Social Sciences
Rueda, MiguelPolitical Science2019Social Sciences


Gouzoules, SarahAssociate Dean, Office of International and Summer Programs
Ochs, LauraSenior Associate Director of Study Abroad

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