Curriculum, Assessment and Educational Policy

Bylaws Description

This committee shall study and make recommendations to the faculty concerning the curriculum of Emory College, including the General Education Requirements.

  1. This committee shall:
    1. engage in a continuing review of the Emory curriculum with the purpose of making proposals and recommendations to the entire faculty, to divisions, to departments and to interdepartmental groups as to new educational possibilities that should be investigated, duplications that should be eliminated, and other matters that would improve the quality and variety of undergraduate education of Emory College.
    2. give final approval to the addition, deletion, and alteration of courses not affecting uniform requirements.
    3. approve concentration programs as submitted by departments and divisions.
  2. The committee serves as a resource to departments and programs in the continuous improvement of undergraduate programs.
  3. The committee communicates institutional expectations for department assessment activities; promotes the integration of assessment as a natural and productive part of departmental strategic planning; reviews assessment plans and annual assessment reports; and provides constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  4. Because of the broad mandate of this committee, the chair shall divide the committee into appropriate subcommittees to accomplish its work, selecting subcommittee chairs and members from among committee members.
  5. While subcommittees can be formed to meet any needs of the College curriculum, the chair should consider subcommittees that respond to the main charges of the committee: majors and minors, general education requirements, academic policies, and assessment.
  6. Primary subcommittee chairs and members should be assigned by the first meeting of the committee in the fall semester.
  7. The whole committee will meet at least once per semester.

Faculty Representatives

Chair :

  • Lechner, Frank
NameDepartmentTerm ExpirationDivision
Dana, CatherineFrench and Italian2020Humanities
Reynolds, DanielFilm and Media Studies2021Humanities
Suhr-Sytsma, MandyEnglish2019Humanities
Cholakova, ElenaMusic2019Humanities
Duffus, DwightMath and Computer Science2020Natural Sciences and Math
Weaver, JeremyChemistry2019Natural Sciences and Math
Civitello, DavidBiology2019Natural Sciences and Math
Roesch, LeahNeuroscience and Behavioral Biology2020Natural Sciences and Math
Hadley, CraigAnthropology2019Social Sciences
Lechner, FrankSociology2019Social Sciences
Peskowitz, ZacharyPolitical Science2019Social Sciences
Barber, JessicaPsychology2021Social Sciences


Brzinski, JoanneSenior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Gouzoules, SarahAssociate Dean, Office of International and Summer Programs
Latting, JohnDean of Admissions
Ochs, LauraDirector of Study Abroad
Braun, LaurenAssistant Dean, Academic Affairs, Oxford
Ciejka, JasonAssistant Dean, Office for Undergraduate Education

Meetings Schedule