College Senate

Bylaws Description

The College Senate of Emory University’s College of Arts and Sciences is the elected and representative body of the Emory College faculty. It may consider, take positions, and vote on any matter of interest to Emory College faculty, including those having to do with the role of the College within the University.

Faculty Representatives

President :

  • Heemstra, Jennifer
NameDepartmentTerm ExpirationDivision
Prinz, AstridBiology2022At-Large
Cavanagh, SheilaEnglish2021At-Large
Apkarian, JulietteRussian and East Asian Languages and Cultures2023At-Large
Bhasin, PaulMusic2021At-Large
Risjord, MarkInstitute for the Liberal Arts2023At-Large
Bahri, DeepikaEnglish2023Humanities
McClintock, SaraReligion2022Humanities
White, Deborah EliseEnglish and Comparative Literature2021Humanities
Bruyere, VincentFrench and Italian Studies2021Humanities
Master, JonathanClassics2023Humanities
Trapp, JoonnaEnglish2022Humanities
Ettinger, BreeMathematics2023Natural Sciences and Math
O'Toole, KateBiology2023Natural Sciences and Math
Davies, HuwChemistry2022Natural Sciences and Math
Vazquez-Prokopec, GonzaloEnvironmental Science2021Natural Sciences and Math
Arnold, DorianComputer Science2021Natural Sciences and Math
Heemstra, JenniferChemistry2022Natural Sciences and Math
Davis III, DavidPolitical Science2023Social Sciences
Wolff, PhillipPsychology2023Social Sciences
Carrubba, CliffPolitical Science2022Social Sciences
Palmer, RohanPsychology2021Social Sciences
Kim, ElizabethPsychology2022Social Sciences
Dowd, TimSociology2021Social Sciences
Hoeyng, PeterGerman Studies; President-elect2023Other


Elliott, MichaelDean, Emory College of Arts and Sciences
Brzinski, JoanneSenior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Latting, JohnDean of Admission
Donaher, Shaunna/Reynolds, DanielChair, Curriculum, Assessment and Educational Policy Committee
Huseyinzadegan, DilekFaculty Council of the University Senate
Evans-Grubbs, Judith (F20)/Yount, Kathryn (S21)Executive Council of the Laney Graduate School
Pesavento, ElenaPast President, College Faculty Senate

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