Academic Standards

Bylaws Description

This committee upholds the academic standards of the College. The committee reviews petitions from students who have experienced special circumstances that have affected their academic performance or that require special consideration, approves readmission of students who have withdrawn for academic reasons or have been excluded, makes decisions on requests for non-resident study, and acts upon requests for exceptions to existing academic regulations and requirements. An Associate Dean from the College is a non-voting ex officio member and receives student appeals for the committee.

Faculty Representatives

NameDepartmentTerm ExpirationDivision
Schaumann, CarolineGerman Studies2019Humanities
Allison, TanineFilm and Media Studies2021Humanities
Escobar, AlexanderBiology2019Natural Sciences and Math
Borthwick, DavidMath and Computer Science2020Natural Sciences and Math
Dilks, DanielPsychology2019Social Sciences
Lilienfeld, ScottSociology2020Social Sciences

Meetings Schedule