The Programs submit the schedules for beginning first year students to the Graduate Division, which registers them for the Fall semester.  Thereafter, students register themselves, but should check with their DGS for advice on which classes they should take.

Non-Degree Students should contact the Graduate School to process their Special Standing paperwork.

Important Notes:

  • Students must register for 9 or more hours in order to be eligible for Graduate School funding. 

  • Any course listed as 00P requires permission from the course instructor.  Students can forward the e-mail with the instructor’s permission. The PA will then register the student or assign a permission number from OPUS.

  • The University Registrar will drop the registration of any student who does not pay his/her fees.  Students failing to register correctly as full-time or at all will have their stipends cancelled or adjusted as necessary.

  • Some classes will have TBA listed as the time or place.  If that is the case students will have to contact the instructor of the course for details.

  • Students who are taking TATTO should NOT sign up for TATTO.  TATTO does not count toward the required 9 credit hours.  However, 2 extra credit hours for TATTO will be assigned in addition to the required 12 credit hours.