LGS Milestones & Enrollment Changes

The Laney Graduate School tracks three key student milestones.  These include:

  • Forming your dissertation committee (Please note, your Program may have stricter requirements around your committee composition. Please familiarize yourself with your Program’s requirements and ensure the committee you document with LGS is in compliance with your Program’s requirements.)
  • Applying for Candidacy
  • Completing your degree (Please note, your Program will have expectations related to your dissertation and defense. In addition to knowing what documents you need to submit to LGS, you are responsible for knowing your Program’s process for scheduling your defense and expectations for your dissertation.)

For more information about each, please visit the LGS site dedicated to each milestone linked above.

Additionally, the Laney Graduate School oversees any student enrollment changes including but not limited to requesting a leave of absence, changing to a Master’s degree track, or requesting a parental accommodation.  Please visit the appropriate LGS site for more information about these and other enrollment changes.