The GDBBS requires each student to serve as Teaching Assistant (TA) for at least one semester during their graduate career, usually during the second year. Prior to beginning the teaching experience, students participate in the Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity (TATTO). Every student in the GSAS pursuing the PhD degree at Emory must complete TATTO as one component of the academic requirements. If the student has had substantial teaching experience the requirement may be waived. See the TATTO coordinator (Emily Morran) for further details on how to document this experience.

Requesting a TA

Request for Teaching Assistants are solicited in March. To facilitate the process please do the following:

Read the TATTO Duties and Responsibilities document to know what is considered an appropriate assignment to fulfill the student’s TATTO requirement.

Contact the TATTO Coordinator in the GDBBS office for the latest Faculty Teaching Assistant Questionnaire.

TA Evaluation Forms

Your evaluation of the student’s performance is a critical component of the student’s teaching experience. Feedback is most helpful if it is provided to the student during the course of the assignment. A formal evaluation must be added to the student’s file as a requirement of TATTO training.  The TATTO Coordinator will email the link for the evaluation at the end of each semester. You are asked to:

Rate the student’s performance

Clarify the duties the student was asked to perform

Give the student a grade of S/U

Recommend the student for a teaching award (you will be asked for follow-up information for the recommendation)