Training Grants

Incentives to Apply

Successful competition for training grants on the part of any Program is an integral component that contributes to the success of the Program. The Division and its Programs receive additional benefits from placing first, second or third year students (tuition paying students) on training grant support because portions of the training grant tuition paid to the LGS are returned to the Division. As an incentive to Programs and training grant P.I.s to place first and second year students on training grant support, Programs are allocated an additional slot for every training grant stipend given to first or second year students when full allowable tuition and stipend is paid. Please refer to the Slot Allocation Process for details.

GDBBS Assistance in Preparing a Training Grant

To assist Programs in preparing training grant applications, the GDBBS office staff maintains comprehensive databases on GDBBS applicants, matriculated students, GDBBS graduates, and GDBBS faculty along with information about their research interests and experience in educating both predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees. In consultation with training grant P.I.s, the GDBBS office staff prepares all of the tabular components of these applications and some of the text for the narrative sections, thereby saving the faculty members involved a significant amount of time and effort in the preparation of the application. Because preparation of a training grant application is exceedingly time consuming, the GDBBS office requires a six month lead time prior to the submission deadline to be able to adequately meet all of the requirements necessary to prepare a competitive application.

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