Joint Degrees

MD/PhD Degree
Emory is one of 39 Universities offering his joint degree in the US. The Medical Sciences Training Program at Emory is supported by the University and the National Institutes of Health and offers the opportunity to integrate training in basic biomedical research with the medical degree. There is a separate application and admission process.

Masters of Science/Ph.D.
The Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences is considering a plan to award the MS degree to students who have advanced to candidacy for the Ph.D. degree and take additional courses in an area that could be considered a minor. It is anticipated that at least 16 hours of additional course work in an area of concentration will be required. Students would work with their Graduate Programs to design a curriculum that will constitute an area of concentration. The area of concentration could be highly individualized, depending on the interests of the student.

Masters of Science in Clinical and Translational Research
Students pursuing a dissertation topic with strong clinical and translational emphasis may apply for training grant support to enroll in the Ph.D. track of the Masters of Science in Clinical Research. An additional year of course work is required. The degree will prepare you to participate in large clinical studies and to engage in research that will translate the findings of the research laboratory to the patients bedside.
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Masters of Science in Bioethics
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Certificate Program in Science Education
The Center for Science Education is developing a new Certificate program to train Ph.D. to teach science at all levels. Courses, seminars, and practical teaching experience will be part of the curriculum. The first courses will be taught in the Spring of 2008. Further details will be available shortly.

Certificate Program in Science Journalism
The Department of Journalism is developing a new certificate program in the writing of science. Summer workshops in Science Writing for Research and in Science Journalism are currently offered. Further details will be available shortly.

Non-Degree Coursework
Many of our students take advantage of courses offered in other departments and disciplines. Students have taken courses in Business, Law, Public Health, Math and Computer Sciences, etc. while pursuing the Ph.D.